Benvenuti da Nonna Anna...

We are Antonio and Valentina, 24 year-old, a young couple with a great passion for the kitchen. We move to Holland in 2015 to run after our dreams there and to enrich our cultural baggage. After so many sacrifices we have decided to make a greater footstep of us, to take our culture and to contain it in a place what time we call Nonna Anna, devoted to our dear grandmothers that have taught us to love the perfumes of the earth and to bring them to table, theirs that they cooked us delicious dishes full of love. We are to Haarlem to make you exactly try these tastes and to introduce you the dishes of our delicious Apulian cuisine, let you know the culture de "La Cucina Povera" characterized by simple and fresh ingredients,come and taste the dishes of our beautiful PUGLIA!

Cuciniamo con Amore

"Making do with what you've got to transform humble ingredients into dishes that are more than the sum of their parts"

Ingredienti sempre freschi